ETAMORPH is a NYC-based design and fabrication company specializing in custom furniture and architectural components for high-end interiors.

Design Director Enrico Tognoni approaches the studio’s work with a deep commitment to the exploration of technology and craftsmanship.

Working side by side with state-of-the-art fabricators the studio explores new possibilities of traditional materials to create timeless yet contemporary products.

Since its inception ETAMORPH projects have been awarded and published by internationally recognized design organizations such as Interior Design Magazine, NYCxDesign and ICFF.


ETAMORPH works with design-conscious clients, and descernig architects by providing an end-to-end service in support of their distinctive projects.

Working side by side with meticulously selected Italian fabricators and suppliers, ETAMORPH delivers a seamless design experience that removes any intermediary from the supply chain, improving efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring unmatched quality.

Whether you require our support in a single phase or our full service from concept to fabrication, ETAMORPH delivers the highest quality.


Our workshops in Italy are specialized in high precision architectural fabrication with unsurpassed capabilities in metal, wood and stone manufacturing.

Here special abilities and expertise, passing down through countless generations, have reached the finest level of quality.

Combining cutting-edge technologies with traditional craftsmanship methods, the materials are crafted to extraordinary beauty and precision.


Thanks to our strong network of selected Italian suppliers we are able to provide the most exquisite architectural materials and finishes, directly sourced at the origin, without any intermediaries, reducing costs and ensuring a much wider selection.

Premium quality marble from Carrara, wood products, metals, glass panels and tiles are only a few examples of the large material palette that we can offer.