Since its recent debut in New York City in 2019, ETAMORPH has expanded its collection over the following few years, creating a recognizable aesthetic that blends modern style with a strong sense of craftsmanship.

Design Director Enrico Tognoni approaches the studio work knowing that each piece will move through many hands during its process of creation, and that it will be infused with the energy coming from this collective effort.

Central to his beliefs as a designer is his reverence for craftsmanship—a convergence of art and engineering.

Each ETAMORPH product is 100% crafted in Italy only with thoroughly selected materials and unmatched attention to the smallest detail.


Thanks to a wide network of trusted suppliers meticulously selected over the years, we are able to provide the most exquisite architectural materials and finishes, directly sourced from Italy, bypassing the traditional distribution chain, reducing costs and delivery time.

This includes a top selection of marbles directly sourced from Carrara, the best Italian porcelain tiles, custom-made wood products, metals and glass.

We are able to source a wide range of marbles coming from all the regions of Italy and Europe. Thanks to our direct presence in the stone market of Carrara, we are able to fabricate with the material locally, reducing time and costs.

Our fabrication services include bespoke elements carved from the block: monolithic sinks, bathtub and, more in general, sculptural elements for high-end interiors.


ETAMORPH works with design-conscious clients and discerning architects by providing end-to-end service in support of their distinctive projects.

Our workshops overseas are specialized in high-precision architectural fabrication with unsurpassed capabilities in metal, wood and stone manufacturing.

Combining cutting-edge technologies with traditional craftsmanship methods, the selected materials are crafted to extraordinary precision and delivered for the final installation.

We are proud to have provided our services on some of the most prestigious high-end residential projects in New York City and in the Hamptons.